Feb 282007

The other day I saw bunch of geese fighting with each other and then I heard cop sirens. I guess someone dialed 911.

After seeing the movie “The Number 23,” I found it a little creepy that channel 23 on Comcast is the channel that no Comcast employee is authorized to explain…

So it turns out my Ford Focus can seat 5 people (cramped), but it has SIX cup holders. This country just gets better by the day!

Has anybody every considered dry cleaning for people? Better yet, someone should start a business where you could walk in and get washed completely;

they could open up next to Sweet Sinsations.

We need an enforcer for the “quiet” zones in the library. I would suggest CHUCK NORRIS. If your iPod can be heard from 40 feet away, he delivers a stealthy chokehold. Screaming into your cell phone gets you a sweet roundhouse kick to the head!

Things can always get worse. We still haven’t completely ruled out cannibalism.

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