Feb 272007

Is anyone else irritated that since daylight savings time has been moved up to March 11 we are now cheated out of an hour of Spring Break?

Dear boy in my physiology class: Hartshorn Health Service offers excellent testing and treatment for STDs. In other words, your incessant itching is very distracting.

People who wear cowboy hats to lecture are jerks. I understand they look cool, I think cowboy hats are downright sexy. But in lecture can’t you just take it off? I guarantee you are blocking at least 20 peoples’ views.

To the person complaining about the heat on the 3rd floor of the library: That’s the only warm spot on campus! If you don’t like it you can be cold in any other room!

I wouldn’t pay $300 for a CSU parking permit even if a squirrel were to valet my car next to the Lagoon.

Isn’t it ironic that while in the Financial Aid parking lot I get a parking ticket?

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