Feb 262007

It irks me to see Holocaust remembrance solely remembering the Jewish dead. Yes they were the largest group targeted, but they don’t make up half the number of dead, especially when the figures for the number of Jewish dead include those killed in the ghettos and shootings and those of other targeted groups include only those killed in the camps. I don’t mean to say however that we shouldn’t remember the Jewish dead, what I mean is that during Holocaust remembrance week we should remember all those that died in the Holocaust, as well as those who died in similar slaughters such as Bosnia, Rwanda, Cambodia, and the current genocide in the Sudan. In the article it is stated that we must remember in order to prevent history from repeating, but if we only choose to remember the story of one group and we only chose to look out for hatred of one group, it leaves the rest of the world vulnerable.

Travis Dykes


biomedical sciences

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