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Feb 252007

Not that we need another reason why CSU is better than our neighbors to the south, but here’s the latest.

Fifteen fraternities at CU are taking two weeks off beer pong, king’s cup, and all other forms of drinking in an effort to thwart excessive partying. Are we supposed to applaud them for this?

Instead of opening their houses to random Buffs, fraternity leaders will be sitting through risk management, leadership, and fire-safety training.

It’s funny that while CSU fraternities are dry year-round, CU’s are simply taking a “break” from their boozing.

We know that we at the Collegian have been accused of judging our CSU fraternities a little harshly, but actions like these make us swell with pride.

While in Fort Collins charters get pulled for punishment, in Croc-Town they just take a few days off.

Wouldn’t it be ironic if at the end of the two-week hiatus even larger parties, with even more drinking were held in celebration? We are sure that won’t be the case, though.

Sarcasm aside, we really are proud that CSU and our Greeks hold themselves to a higher standard. Although the Greek system can sometimes catch a bad rap, it’s nice that ours can be a shining beacon of responsibility, a sort of guiding star to the misguided Buffalos.

And props to CU for taking on alcohol abuse . two weeks at a time.

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