Border War report card

Feb 252007
Authors: Nick Hubel

With this season’s Border War on the hardwood done and done, it seems like a good time to hand out some grades from a fan’s point-of-view. But before I do, I got to say, congratulations to the men’s team and to Ram fans in general. There is nothing better than sending the Cowboys packing with an 18 point loss. On to the grades:


To the stat lines, which were unreal. Jason Smith: 27 points, 22 rebounds, two blocks, and two soul-crushing dunks. Cory Lewis: 10 points, 10 assists, four rebounds, and zero fights participated in. Stephen Gilling: 20 points, including six 3-pointers, and all done with the same indifferent expression on his face.

Gilling kills me. At one point he dropped a three in Wyoming’s eye then backpedaled down the court with his arms up flexing, only he did it all with the same facial expression that you would use to order a pizza or write a paper. Priceless.


To whoever organized Kilby Afro Night. I couldn’t go with an A on this one because the fro’s looked more like they belonged to a white guy with a perm than they did Kilby’s, but it was still a good effort.

Besides, they provided the funniest moment of the night. Before the game when the girl walked out to sing the anthem everybody seemed to have the same “Wait, should I take this thing off and cover my heart with it?” look on their face. So there ended up being about a third of the people in the stands paying their respects by covering their hearts with a fake afro and everyone else standing around looking uncomfortable. High comedy at its finest.


To the Green Machine, which is still a work in progress. I went with a C here because it was a decent effort at creating a hostile atmosphere by the student body, but there is significant room for improvement. On the plus side, the place was packed, which was great. But there was still only had about half of the student section turning around when they announced Wyo’s lineup, fans struggled to drown out the Wyo fans at times, and there was one guy in my section trying to get a “Brandon Ewing Sucks” chant going late in the game, even though Ewing had put up 32 by that point. So, keep coming out Ram fans, just be sure to get your savvy on before you get there.


To the refs, who couldn’t seem to remember how to call a charge, so they just went ahead and called blocks all night. If Jason Smith is standing stock still with his hands at his sides and his feet square and Ewing plows into him, that is a charge. In fact, that is the textbook definition of a charge. Is there a crew in the Mountain West that knows this? It is hard to tell. Ok, I need to stop talking about it before I get upset enough to commit my first felony. I don’t think they get the Mtn. in prison.

F: To the Wyoming fans. Not only did their team get shellacked after it was all over, they had to drive back to Laramie. Nothing could be worse than that.

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