Feb 222007

So I was walking on campus when a pack of geese started waddling towards me. I thought I was going to get jumped, but then I noticed a girl in a leather skirt and Uggs sharpening a wooden spear. Oh how the tables had turned.

I think Great Value Peanut Butter shouldn’t have been recalled since, in its name, it says, “GREAT VALUE!” Do you think anyone is complaining that they DIDN’T get more than they bargained for?!

“Giving up alcohol; except for over spring break” does not count as giving up anything for Lent.

(Insert sarcasm) Wow…Really? I’m sure that all of the men who were reading

the Collegian yesterday thought that that Old Spice ad was “simply a picture

of a woman eating a vanilla ice cream cone.” Ha!! “Keep it Clean” Collegian.

Since when have crocs with holes in them become appropriate hospital attire

for nurses? What if someone bled on your shoe, your foot would get bloody! And for that matter, when have crocs ever been appropriate foot wear?

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