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Authors: Vimal Patel

Parking permit fees could dramatically spike starting next year, possibly topping $300 within the next four years if the CSU board of governors approves an expected revenue-increasing proposal.

Parking officials want to boost funds to meet increased parking demand from an expected population influx along with rising costs for parking lot maintenance, according to Dave Bradford, commander of CSU Parking Services.

“We understand raising these fees will have an impact on all of us; however, it is necessary at this time to support and improve our parking infrastructure,” Bradford wrote to the Parking Services Committee in a letter earlier this month. “Parking on the main campus has expanded to its capacity and future parking construction on the main campus will need to be in the form of a parking garage.”

Parking Services is expected to provide a proposal to the board at a March 23 meeting.

Officials were unable to pin down exact numbers since the proposal is still being ironed out. However, Bradford’s letter stated that Parking Services is looking to increase parking fees by 175 percent over three years – permits costing $95 now would run $261 in the 2009-10 year.

Officials from Parking Services at CSU declined to speak with the Collegian, but they did provide a statement.

“The draft proposal is preliminary and could change as it is reviewed internally,” the statement read. “Therefore, it is premature to discuss any details of the draft proposal as final. We will be pleased to release details once a plan is final and approved.”

To fund parking expansion, officials have several other ideas, including increasing parking fines and the price of metered parking. Parking Services could propose increasing metered parking to 75 cents an hour next year, and $1 an hour starting July 2008.

Prices for parking permits vary depending on location, but a typical Z-lot parking permit for the full year costs $85.

Costs vary at other colleges. Student yearly parking permits cost $135 at the University of Northern Colorado, about $200 to $300 at Colorado-Boulder, and $456 at the University of California at Davis, according to information provided by CSU Parking Services.

The university’s five-year stretch plan includes the goal of increasing student undergraduate enrollment by 5,000, in addition to boosting graduate student and faculty numbers.

This combined with campus construction slashing the number of parking spots on campus by nearly 500 will make the parking situation even worse, officials state.

Yearly parking permits for staff and faculty cost $95 and are expected to jump to $150 next year, according to Brigitte Schmidt, chair of the Classified Personnel Council, which opposes a proposal that would increase fees by that extent.

“It’s a fair assessment that the parking situation is going to get worse, but we need to think constructively about how we can make things better,” she said.

The council wants to limit any increases to $120 for the first year. According to a letter sent to classified personnel from the council, the current fee increase represents the largest ever.

“I think there’s been a rush to move the proposal forward,” Schmidt said. “We feel like we have done all the talking we can to this point. The last we heard from Dave (Bradford) is that unless we hear otherwise he’s going to move forward with the current proposal to the board.”

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Parking demands are also expected to increase because of construction and expansion projects. These projects will increase demand for parking in areas already strained. They include:

-Expansion of Rockwell Business School

-Expansion of the Academic Village

-New computer science lab (east of the Lory Student Center)

-Chemistry expansion

-Indoor sports training facility

-Admissions move to Ammons Hall

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