LTTE: We need awareness

Feb 222007
Authors: Mark Lanning

In response to Nick Hemenway, there is a difference between dorm and Chief Illiniwek. The elimination of the term dorm is a politically correct move from those in power. The elimination of the Chief Illiniwek term is a politically correct grassroots movement from oppressed minorities in reaction to cultural appropriation. You self-identify in your article as Swedish, but I doubt you go around identifying yourself as “Swedish-American”. Rather, because of your privilege as white, you can simply say “I’m American.” Minorities do not have this. They must constantly identify what “kind of American” they are: Asian-American, African-American, etc. Because this is a daily reality, it is not “honorable” to remind them of this fact by appropriating it into white culture. We take an icon and romanticize it into what we want, and it looses its original meaning – “glorified” or not. Yes, the Obama comment received undue criticism. But, maybe it’s hurtful because society was surprised that as an African-American he embodies successful characteristics? We must analyze this phenomenon rather than dismiss it and appeal for us to get along. Granted, I hate political correctness, but you ask why we cannot move forward? The answer is that “the agenda” you speak of is most convenient to us as a white majority. It makes us uncomfortable that the minorities are gaining as voice and we may lose privilege. We don’t need to be exactly politically correct – we just need to be aware.

Mark Lanning



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