Feb 192007

I feel like a loser when my text message outbox has way more messages in it than my inbox.

So I’m from Minnesota and I actually prefer to say, “Eh, its a wee bit

chilly out” and put on a sweatshirt when it gets around 0…

To the person who wanted to make Thursdays into “Be Rude to Plaza

Solicitors” Day: Bet you wouldn’t say that if you’d ever had to stand out on the plaza for a whole day trying to talk to people. Think before you speak. Or Write.

In breaking news, a Collegian writer has cited the elusive “chiwawa” of the late Holycrapareyouserious period. A relative of the modern chihuahua, the chiwawa is now rarely seen due to the devastating effect modern spell checkers and competent news editors have had on its environment.

There should be a relationship status on Facebook titled “MULTIPLE.”

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