Our View: Britney Spears

Feb 182007

It was streaming across the bottom of our television. It was posted as breaking news on CNN Saturday morning.

Was it that New Jersey is allowing Civil Unions? Or perhaps Condoleezza Rice’s plans for holding a peace summit between Israel and Palestine have done more harm than good?

No. It was something far more significant than that.

Britney Spears shaved her head.

Many of us need some type of escape from the more serious, daily events that flood the media. We turn to People magazine to learn about the newest celebrity hookups, who is wearing what, or who is back talking another celebrity. We read magazines with the newest sex tricks and the hottest clothing to wear.

But what is it saying about the human race when a story about Britney Spears’s bald head overpowers the events that really make a difference to our country and our world? Why does Britney’s lack of hair and two new tattoos flood the news networks on T.V., online and in print?

Recently, a baby gorilla was born at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, only the second gorilla born in the last decade there. Why is that not our route of escape from the news? Why can’t we see the beauty in a new birth of an animal instead of burying our noses in the story on Britney’s abnormally short hair follicles?

And, what did we expect? After the world saw her “va-jayjay,” we knew it was all down hill from there.

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