Feb 182007

Among the inconsistencies and factual one-sidedness of Mr. Sides’ rather snide column on Feb. 15, I found it insulting that he found it necessary to point out that Kenya is in fact “another African nation.” He must not think very highly of his readership’s geography skills. Oh, and FYI, seeds are shipped by sea freight, which is far more efficient than air freight; Nancy Pelosi enjoys the same plane privileges enjoyed by her Republican predecessor, all in the name of national security for the number three in line; the President’s 10,000 square-foot Texas “crib” is on 1,600 acres (compared with Edwards’ 28,000 square feet and 102 acres in N.C.) and so on. Political control has invariably, no matter the agenda, for good and bad, resided in the hands of the wealthy, educated elite, and our great nation is no different.

David Hansson

grad student


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