Ram Talk

Feb 152007

I had a terrible Valentine’s Day. Why didn’t anyone want to share a VD with me?

Did anyone else try to text “Happy Valentine’s Day” to someone yesterday and have it come out “Happy Talentiner Day?” Suppose the people who preprogram words into cell phones are bitter about something?

To the guy in the red Mustang who came within inches of hitting me: It’s bad enough you’re compensating with a noisy car, I wouldn’t recommend adding vehicular manslaughter to your list of “shortcomings.”

After five $17 parking tickets they ought to give you a sticker that allows you to park anywhere. I mean, you’ve basically just paid for a parking pass… it’s like you’re making payments.

Think!! Does it ever occur to you that when you are holding a telephone conversation in the restroom that you are invading MY privacy?

Where are all the Ramtalk creepers this semester? Have the creepers disappeared or just got better at creepin’?

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