Feb 152007
Authors: Jo Ann Hedleston

I teach an ethics class here at CSU and would like to respond to and perhaps clarify some remarks in Thursday’s paper from Joshua French.

Everyone would agree “killing an innocent human is wrong”. But with the moral issue of abortion we are more concerned with whether the fetus or embryo or zygote (depending on which stage of development the fetus has reached at the time of the abortion) is in fact a “person”, not a just human being.

We are human due to the fact that we are the offspring of 2 human parents. That’s all we have to mean in calling the fetus a human being. But we are “persons” by virtue of being members of what we in the moral philosophy business call “the moral community”. Humans are not always persons and persons can in fact be other than human.

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Jo Ann Hedleston


CSU Philosophy Department

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