Feb 132007

Isn’t it annoying when the person in front of you in class turns completely around in their seat to crack their back, and they just stare at you while doing so? Weird.

You know, cutting out the sudoku puzzle and crossword and taping them in a journal would be a less conspicuous way to not pay attention in class… teachers should never notice if you’re reading the paper so I feel no sympathy.

When you are alone with your girlfriend in a gondola, you should never fart, because even if it’s silent, she’ll know it’s you.

I like rec. center fashion trends. For example, its trendy to wear a tight cut-off shirt under your regular cut-off shirt while lifting weights.

To all the people who randomly walk in front of my 3/4-ton truck while I’m going 40, this ain’t Boulder and I can’t stop!!!!!!!

To the person who is complaining of people saying, “I’m so done with school,” you obviously must be a freshman. I am curious what you will say when you’re a senior.

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