LTTE: War against all

Feb 132007

Dear Editor,

I was angered, but not shocked, by Mr. Easton’s article, “The war of all against all” in Tuesday’s Collegian. It would be great if there were no need for the advocacy offices, and that a generic Student Service office would suffice. However, we still live in a day with conservative biases making it difficult, if not impossible, to adequately service the entire student body.

In a predominantly white, middle class, heterosexual, Christian community such as Fort Collins, can you honestly expect equal, open-minded assistance if you contradict those norms? Can a Christian ever help a Muslim with social issues? Or can a straight person ever be able to empathize with a gay person on the level they truly need? Or can a white person ever truly feel the pain of a black person who has been discriminated against?

This is separate, and definitely not equal, but comes from the necessity of helping marginalized groups of people. Virtually every office on campus geared towards helping students is like a “white student services.” The crucial point is that, in my experience, if you as an “outsider” went in to any of these student advocacy offices you would be greeted warmly and helped in any manner you needed. You would not be asked to affirm your sexuality, religion, or race.

Diversity is far more wide reaching than just color or race, as you mention. Your proclamation that our advocacy offices are pushing narrow and racist agendas is insulting. These offices provide necessary safe havens for minority groups in an environment where discrimination and persecution are still very real issues. Thank Zeus that you are one of the fortunate that doesn’t face true discrimination because of the color of your skin, the god you worship, the gender you identify as, or the gender of the person you love.

DJ Lawrence


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