Feb 122007

The abortion debate has long dichotomized the religious right and progressive left. But as recent proposed legislation shows, the argument has blurred.

Seemingly, it’s no longer a question of right versus wrong and when and how it’s OK, if at all, to abort a pregnancy – it now seems be the choice of a lesser evil.

Knowing this, many successful politicians have evaded the subject – like Gov. Bill Ritter who is “against abortion.” He and other conservative Democrats have sidestepped the issue, advocating instead for the reduction of unintended pregnancies, which includes increased access to emergency contraception.

Much to their dismay, however, unintended pregnancies will never fully disappear, leaving the current debate a moot point in the eyes of some voters.

But not for those who voted in newbie Republican Sen. Scott Renfroe who wants to ban all abortions in Colorado except for cases in which the mother could die. Again, the choice of a lesser evil – kill the mother or kill the baby?

Allowing a narrowly subjective license with respect to abortion is, frankly, dangerous. Renfroe’s exception of dying mothers could sound merciful to some. Hardly. He seems to be forgetting about the 14-year-old who was raped and impregnated against her will but does not face death upon giving birth. And what of the child who is neglected or abandoned after an unwanted pregnancy? The mother who can no longer go to school?

If politicians wish to dabble in compassion, they should harp on real consequences of following through on unwanted pregnancies.

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