Feb 112007

I am pretty sure it’s not ok for a professor to use the excuse, “I haven’t taken that class in years,” when he doesn’t know the answer to a question pertaining to the current class.

Where on campus can you flush a toilet and drink out of a water fountain at the same time? Why would you try that?

To the person that got kicked out of class for reading the newspaper: As a GTA and former HS teacher I agree with your professor. If you paid so much for tuition why don’t you pay attention in class and get something for your money.

To the girl who left the note on my car last night at Moby: You’re very, very welcome for the amazing parking job. I pride myself in my exceptional abilities.

What’s up with our sports teams’ hot start cold finish?

For those of you who keep saying “I’m so done with school” or “I’m so over this weather”: Drop out of school and move out of this state!

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