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Feb 112007
Authors: Brandon Lowrey

Five minutes after hulking Rams offensive lineman Brian Lepak walked out of the auditioning room, CSU Idol judge Ashley Blocton was still giggling.

The 6-foot-5, 285-pound freshman stroked Blocton’s hand as he serenaded her with “Fly Me to the Moon” during the competiton’s first round Saturday.

“I was just like, ‘Oh my God, he’s coming closer,'” said Blocton, ASAP’s primary organizer of the event.

Lepak has been singing since the 7th grade, when he lived in Tulsa, Okla. And now, at CSU on a football scholarship, he’s one of the few men in nearly three dozen students aiming for glory. And along with the ultimate title and fame comes fortune – $100 in travel vouchers from STA Travel and a trophy.

Victory emboldened last year’s champion, apparel and merchandising sophomore Lindsay Davis, to try out for American Idol in San Antonio, Texas. She didn’t make it far, but said she doesn’t regret the experience.

Besides, the CSU Idol win helped her network with local professionals.

“I’ve been looking for a lot more opportunities to get into different studios and work with different people,” Davis said, though her “first priority right now is definitely getting a degree.”

The CSU Idol judges said that unlike their pop-culture inspiration, they aren’t out to publicly berate and embarrass sub-par singers.

On Saturday, some singers left judges in awe. Others, however, did not.

One woman’s fierce flailing irked judges, who described her as a “girl version” of American Idol punchline William Hung. She wasn’t right for the competition, they decided.

Experience and talent aren’t always correlated. While several contestants had training that served them well during the auditions, many who made an impression – including last year’s champion – had little to no training at all.

“I think that it’s just a really fun, cool thing that CSU does,” Davis said, “and I just think that anybody who has the guts to get up there and do it definitely deserves some recognition for that.”

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