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Fort Collins Police have recently received multiple reports of a strange man following and spying on women.

The man is reported to be a white male in his 50s driving a newer, dark-maroon Impala with Nebraska license plates.

The most recent incident occurred on Thursday, Feb. 8 when a female employee of the Fort Collins Youth Clinic, South Office went to the Fort Collins post office. When she left, then man followed her in his car all the way back to the South Office and blocked her in the parking lot. The woman described him as older with gross teeth, a baseball cap, and a beard.

Police received a report on Friday, February 2 of a man with the same description outside of Kinko’s on West Olive Street. The woman at the Kinko’s stated that the man made her feel uncomfortable.

Three incidents involving the man were reported on Tuesday, Feb. 6. The first incident occurred around 12:30 pm on the 900 block of East Horsetooth Road. A woman was traveling in her car when the man followed her dangerously close.

The next incident occurred around 12:47 pm where the woman stated that the man made a quick u-turn to catch up with her and proceeded to follow her down East Harmony Road near McMurray Avenue. The man also took pictures of her.

The third report on Tuesday occurred around 1:55 pm where the man followed a woman into the parking lot of her workplace on the 1200 block of Oak Park Drive. The man approached her, stood in her way, and laughed before walking away.

These incidents have raised concerns for some Fort Collins residents.

Matt Hinton, a shipping specialist at the Kinko’s on West Olive Street, is concerned about the safety of his costumers.

“This is definitely a business concern for us. We are concerned about our customers’ safety. I have had close friends assaulted, so personally I am very worried,” Hinton said.

Phyllis Perkins, resident on West Olive Street, still feels safe despite the reports.

“I do not think this guy is an ax-murderer. In every population we will encounter weirdos and I am not that afraid. I would be more afraid if there were robberies,” Perkins said.

Police have not yet talked to the man but they say that he may be facing charges of harassment and careless driving/road rage. If anyone has information about this man, contact Fort Collins Police at (970) 221-6540.

Staff Writer Taryn Clark can be reached at news@collegian.com

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