Feb 072007

How are we ever supposed to win hearts and minds in Iraq when we keep messing up so royally?

The latest news on the ethics front in Iraq is about three Army reserve officers and a U.S. contractor who have been indicted as part of a bid-rigging scam that allegedly steered millions of dollars to another contractor.

All Americans should be outraged and demand that stricter controls be put in place to prevent American businessman from bilking the Iraqis or the American taxpayer.

We can understand the discontent that Iraqis feel toward us. We illegally invaded their country, destroyed their sense of security, and subsequently plunged their country into a civil war.

And now they see the pillaging of their land continue as rich contractors become even more rich as their country continues to burn, and bombs continue to explode.

This case is worse, in that it’s not just American businessman who are under scrutiny, it’s also members of the military, the group responsible for winning over the Iraqis.

Americans should be more vigilant in demanding better ethical behavior from their representatives, whether they are members of the military or members of the business community.

This war isn’t going to be won by waves of smart bombs and troops being thrown at the problem. We’ve been trying that – for almost four years – and it doesn’t seem to be working.

We need to win over the Iraqis – and tolerating behavior that is even perceived to be unethical is not the way to do so.

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