“A Weekend In The City”

Feb 072007
Authors: Jake Mountjoy

It’s finally here. Two years seemed like an eternity for Bloc Party fans. London’s art-punkers have released their much anticipated sophomore release, “A Weekend In The City,” and there isn’t one word to describe it.

If you are familiar with their first release, “Silent Alarm,” you know that Bloc Party is somewhat unpredictable. The record is full of hopeless romance, angry rock and feel-good dance punk.

“A Weekend In The City” opens with a heartfelt lullaby that builds into passion. Vocalist Kele Okereke exhibits his wide range by crying “I am trying to be heroic / In an age of modernity / I am trying to be heroic / because all around me history sings.” After a minute of suspenseful guitar build-up, we are reliving our discovery of Bloc Party in 2005.

That discovery lives on in the next song, blindsiding your ears with layers of guitar and schizophrenic drums. “Hunting For Witches,” reminds us of their single “Banquet” but with twice as much audacity.

But unlike many frontloaded sophomore releases that disappoint and force us to discover new bands, Bloc Party has no intention of losing your attention. “Waiting For The 7.18” and “On” show us the passionate side of the band displaying rich melodies and unpredictable punches.

The record comes to an end with their catchy single “I Still Remember” and ear-pleasing tunes such as “Where Is Home” and “Sunday.”

Wrapped up as a whole, “A Weekend In The City” offers us a vibrant and dynamic collection of feel-good art-rock. It’s somewhat different from “Silent Alarm,” but because each song tenders something relatively different and ground-breaking than the last, negative feedback will be hard to find.

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