Feb 052007
Authors: J. David McSwane

August Ritter, Gov. Bill Ritter’s son, is expected to campaign for Associated Students of CSU vice president in the spring, student government leaders confirmed Monday night.

Ritter, a junior global tourism major, plans to run with an undisclosed running mate after spring break, although no official paperwork has been filed.

Because the two are not permitted to actively campaign under ASCSU bylaws until March 19, they could not disclose any information regarding their future campaign.

ASCSU President Jason Green voiced concerns regarding his campaign, noting that Ritter already has a name in politics, which could give him unequal play as a candidate.

“I just hope that students still vote for somebody that’s going to represent them to the best of their ability,” he said.

Audrey LaSalle, election manager for ASCSU, said she hopes Ritter can escape his father’s shadow in the campaign.

“We’re going to run the election just as if he were another student,” she said.

Kevin Buecher, a senior business administration management major and friend of Ritter, said Ritter came back after helping run his father’s campaign with a renewed sense of civic duty.

“This is an opportunity for August to do something he believes in,” Buecher said. “That’s why he’s running – to make a difference at CSU.”

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