Feb 052007

To the person who took my Motorola phone from Clark on Thursday. Could you call my mom and tell her you took my phone, I think she is worried about me…

And can I have my sim card back, you can work the details out with my mom…


Does anyone ever use any of the hundreds of fonts available on Word?

People, before you parallel park on Lake, please make sure you actually know

HOW to parallel park. This is ridiculous.

To the teacher that kicked me out Clark A101 for reading the newspaper, I

am glad I paid tuition to go back to ninth grade…

Of course thieves are going to be able to break in and steal 300 grand worth of stuff, our CSUPD is way too busy catching real criminals like bicyclists and cars with overdue meters.

Am I the only one who takes what I’m doing and tries to fashion it to fit a

Facebook status?

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