Feb 042007

Does it bother anyone else that when a toilet flushes, the water fountain

pressure changes?

Thanks to the persistent snow drifts and frozen ground, I cannot remove my

holiday yard decorations no matter how hard I try. Now I can finally live

out my secret dream of celebrating Christmas all year round…

Every day in between classes at about 11:00, I get to play a life-sized game

of frogger. Location: Walkway between Eddy and Clark-C. I usually lose when

a mob of freshmen squash me when I try to cross.

So far the Collegian has shown us where to find bomb making materials on the

Internet, how to steal bikes and how to make a fake ID. Now they have

given us a map showing us exactly how to break in and what to steal! Great

job Collegian, how about you give us the answers to this semester’s finals?

You know that it’s cold outside when everyone rushes into lecture to find

the seats that are still warm.

To those reporting on the unlocked buildings around campus: How am I

supposed to rollerblade through the basement of Clark when it’s locked up?

The last safe haven on campus?

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