Jan 312007

Black History Month. It’s an interesting concept. Looking around the campus, trying to write an editorial about black history is a bit disheartening. Let’s face it, CSU – despite the valiant efforts of diversity advocates on campus – is not quite the melting pot we’d like it to be.

This said, what’s Black History Month all about? Is it about celebrating the accomplishments of great individuals who overcame centuries of oppression and discrimination? Is it a reflection of where we’ve come as a society? Is it a lesson in hatred?We here at the Collegian would contend that it’s a little bit of all that. But for a campus primarily overshadowed by those of Anglo descent, we should also consider this: maybe it’s more of a reminder – a reminder that the journey has not reached its happy ending entirely.

As students, we have all been given an opportunity to pursue our dreams and yearn for happiness; some call it privilege. And with privilege comes responsibility. And it’s quite a responsibility we’ve given ourselves.

So as we enter Black History Month, don’t just look back, thinking we’ve come so far. Take action. Look around your classroom. Have we truly made Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream a reality? Perhaps it’s time we look at this month as a catalyst for more change. We do, after all, learn a great deal about ourselves by our history. Let’s put that in to action.

Black History Month. It’s about equality.

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