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Authors: Hallie Woods

Most of us have been on at least one bad date. We’ve realized at the end of the night that we had a piece of parsley wedged in between our teeth for the duration of the date. We’ve cringed as the person we’re on a date with speaks, and spreads a waft of halitosis filled with onions and garlic, and God knows what else. And with Valentine’s Day around the corner – and many of us searching for any kind of date – we are wondering if it’s all really worth it.

When we’re on a bad date we can’t wait for it to end, but it actually makes for a funny story or a comedic remembrance. And just when you think you’ve got the worst date/funniest story, someone has one worse than yours. For instance, in Justin Racz “50 Dates Worse Than Yours,” he compiles 50 scenarios of awful date situations that are humorous and make some of us cringe at the same time.

“50 Dates Worse Than Yours,” is the newest part of a “worse than” series by Racz, including “50 Jobs Worse Than Yours,” “50 Relatives Worse Than Yours,” “50 Boyfriends Worse Than Yours,” and “50 Days Worse Than Yours.” The book is mixed with short clips of a bad date scenario complimented by comical photos of a couple facing a really awful date.

Scenarios include a bad date where the couple ends up drunk and singing awful karaoke at Wong’s Sing Sing amateur night, or another where the couple finds out they are related after an intense tonsil hockey situation. Others include a creepy, non-blinking Hannibal Lector-like date, a rousing night of cow tipping, a night watching illegal cockfighting, and the awful company Christmas party. The worst: A prison visit where the man claims, “Honey, I’ve only got ten minutes. Let’s make the most out of it.”

“50 Dates Worse Than Yours” is amusing and a very simple read that can be done easily sitting in the bathroom or watching TV. And this Valentine’s Day, if you would rather just stay home than go out on a date just so you aren’t “alone” on the most romantic day of year, snuggle up with this book and read about other people’s bad dates instead of experiencing your own.

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