Jan 302007
Authors: Michelle Zilis

The center basketball court of the Student Recreation Center was lined with 31 tables on Tuesday set up for vendors around Fort Collins who wanted to share their secrets to a healthy lifestyle.

Relaxing, breathing and de-stressing came together to form a common theme at this year’s third annual Mind Body Fair.

In an attempt to break stereotypes about alternative healing, Tamar Cline, assistant director and coordinator of Strength and Fitness at the Student Recreation Center, focused the fair on a variety of alternative methods of exercise and relaxation that center around the body and the spirit.

“We want to raise awareness about the mind body connection,” she said. “We hope to inform people that they don’t always have to stick with traditional practices; there are other choices out there.”

L. Kae Graniel, the keynote speaker, spoke of the importance of connecting the mind and body to live a healthy life and to achieve true wellness, a process which she describes as “a conscious choice followed by action.”

Free informational workshops offered ranged from transformation meditation, taught by Graniel, to aromatherapy. Stress management was also on hand through the “Healer Within,” a class focused on the benefits relaxation can have on overall health.

Most of the information in the workshop seemed to be a reminder rather than new material, senior Brie Bath said. “But it is always good to be reminded and I think for that reason the workshop was very helpful.”

Bath also liked how the instructor mentioned positive and negative ways to de-stress, something she thinks would be especially important for students.

Sample classes focused on exercises that both rejuvenated and connected the body and the mind, including Yogalates and Odissi-Traditional Dance.

“The mind body connection is important because if you ignore the connection and stress builds up, it is likely to become evident through both long term and short term physical side effects,” Dr. Michael Daine, Director of the CSU Counseling Center said.

“Short term physical effects of stress often show themselves through sleep disturbances, poor concentration and memory, headaches, weakened immune system and sometimes with gastrointestinal problems.”

There was a constant flow of people moving throughout the fair. Many participants were either community members or CSU students who stopped by after or before working out.

“I love [the fair],” said junior Landry Jones. “There was a really surprising audience, too. A lot people I didn’t expect to be interested were.”

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In case you missed the fair, check out the recreation center Web site for more information on how you can de-stress your mind and body.

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