Jan 292007

I think channel 23 is a big inside joke courtesy of the computer nerds at

Comcast. You should call and ask them what it is, I bet it would make their


Has anyone else noticed the plague warnings on the library drop boxes? Yes,

that is plague as in the Black Death… one more reason I’ll never go to the


To the people who like to cut in the lines at the dining centers, remember

when you were in elementary school and butting in line was considered to be

rude? Well news flash, it still is. Wait your turn like everyone else in

the back of the line. Thank you.

I have a moment for nature every fall. It involves a compound bow and a

large, tasty animal.

I just ate a huge spoonful of peanut butter, being extremely congested, I

was unable to breathe through my nose or mouth. Eating peanut butter while

one’s nose is stuffed is potentially life threatening and I feel warning

labels should be placed on all Skippy jars.

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