Jan 292007

Like most CSU students, I read the Collegian every day. However, my biggest qualm with it has always been its lack of international news. The 100 word “News of the World” or occasional international article (usually relating to Iraq) hidden way back on page 9 can hardly provide people with any perspective as to what is happening outside the CSU campus. When I was required to subscribe to the New York Times in COCC 150 my freshman year, it was a welcome excuse to go outside the bubble that is CSU and even Fort Collins. The Collegian should not see the Collegiate Readership Program as “unfair competition” because the Collegian and publications such as the New York Times are on entirely different playing fields. Rather, these should be seen as supplements that provide a great deal of additional information about our world.

I will still read the Collegian everyday for its “witty student musings,” but I will also pick up the New York Times or USA Today knowing that, even though I am not dropping coins into a slot, I am still paying for them with my student fees. No matter how the publications are paid for, having an international perspective on the world available on campus is worth the money. I encourage CSU students to do the same and discover the world that lies outside college life.

Callie Koch


international studies

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