LTTE: Dems are clueless

Jan 282007

Both Republicans and Democrats agree that the United States needs to reduce its dependency on foreign oil. However, the Democrats just say that, but don’t actually mean it.

A few days ago, the House passed a bill that would eliminate government subsidies on domestic oil extraction that came into effect in 2002 and 2003.

The Democrats’ reason is that Bush and Cheney only initiated these to increase profits for the oil companies and themselves. Once again, the Democrats choose to be na’ve and pinheaded and not see the big picture and the real reason.

The subsidies were designed to make domestic oil (Gulf of Mexico and continental U.S.) extraction cheaper, or at least closer to the cost of foreign or Arabian oil. This in turn would make domestic oil more favorable and decrease America’s dependency on foreign oil. Which would make the United States less reliant on terrorist-sponsoring states, decreasing our economic and military interference in these places.

The Democrats on the other hand would rather get rid of these subsidies and increase our reliance on Arabian oil. Great idea, NOT! Wow, the Democrats are off to a great start. First, let’s cut funding to the war and see how many more soldiers we can get killed and then cut government subsidies on domestic oil extraction to increase our dependency on foreign oil.

Democrats, stop trying to get revenge and actually help the American people, for once.

Doug Falconi


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