Ram Talk

Jan 252007

To the guy in MB300 who was WAY too overly excited to have his comment in RamTalk: “Was that the highlight of your day?”

To all of you Comcast viewers, can someone please tell me what the point of channel 23 is?

How is it fair that I have to shovel my sidewalk within 24 hours after a storm but I still look like Bambi on ice on city streets and sidewalks more than 2 weeks after the last major storm?

To the girl who returned the textbook (her parents paid for) and bought a Nano with the money: The academic gods will exact their revenge on the savage week of judgment known as finals.

What’s the deal with everyone on campus walking around staring at the ground? Would it kill you people to look up and smile at passersby once in awhile? What’s the worst that could happen?

To the boy I met yesterday: Why did you wait to tell me that you had a girlfriend until AFTER I fell in love with you?

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