Jan 252007
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The women’s basketball team, which lost to Wyoming last night, was hobbled by a prank homemade “bomb” that four players set off outside the apartment of a best friend and teammate.

And while the futures of the four suspended young women who blew up the plastic bottle hang in the balance, a couple of volleyball players had to step in to make sure the Rams had enough players to compete.

We can’t help but wonder what the accused Kelly Jo Mullaney, Emily Neal, Raysha Ritter and Brittney Stirling are thinking now. They’re set to appear in court on charges of reckless endangerment next month. It probably isn’t pleasant, and we imagine they’ve been on pins and needles since early this month.

A lot rests on whether the university and the district attorney’s office choose to use a little bit of common sense and sympathy. The young women may lose their scholarships. They may lose their freedom.

A bomb squad lieutenant told the Collegian in a story printed Thursday that a bomb is a bomb. We’d argue that blowing up a plastic bottle for a loud “pop” is a little bit different than, say, a pipe bomb.

Could someone have gotten hurt? Yes, albeit unlikely. But no one did, anyway.

If they aren’t thrown out of school and into jail, will they slide down the slippery slope of bombmaking and become terrorists?

Of course not. They’re promising young students.

We’ve all done stupid things in our pasts. We hope that this victimless crime doesn’t ruin these women’s futures.

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