Jan 242007

Last year, as a part of CSU’s “Green is Gold” program, the university mandated that all campus diesel-powered vehicles use biodiesel, which is more expensive.

This is pretty impressive, considering Colorado is among the worst in funding for higher education. With respect to the rest of the country, the university seems to be ahead of the bend.

But President Bush, to much applause from Democrats and Republicans alike, outlined a plan Tuesday to mandate that federal vehicles take a turn toward using alternative fuels – namely, biodiesel.

Quite frankly, it’s about time.

Sure, it may sound a bit pretentious and even cold-hearted to criticize our commander in chief for pushing for independence from foreign oil. Who knows, maybe it’s not just about contention in the Middle East; maybe Bush, a former Texas oil tycoon, actually cares about the environment.

But keep in mind, Mr. Bush, you haven’t fooled the Democrats – who now outnumber you. Nor have you fooled CSU. It’s a bit too late to jump on the progressive bandwagon.

If anyone should be gloating in front of the American flag and touting efforts to combat global climate change and dependence on foreign oil, it should CSU. Bush’s got nothing on us.

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