Penley touts new plan

Jan 232007
Authors: Marissa HuttonGavel

Just weeks after Democratic Gov. Bill Ritter took office and initiated what he called the “Colorado promise,” which focused primarily on education, President Larry Penley kicks of his own vision for CSU.

In a statement released Tuesday, Penley outlined a four-point plan, which includes measures to increase funding and diversity on campus.

“As a leader in Colorado higher education, the Colorado State University System recognizes that the state faces considerable funding challenges and difficult decisions in balancing many important public needs,” Penley said in the statement.

The plan proposes an agreement between the university and the community to establish long-term sources of funding for higher education. It also seeks to more accurately determine what the needs of the university are.

A recent study from the National Center for Higher Education Management Systems found that the state of Colorado is in need of an estimated $832 million.

Another goal outlined in Penley’s plan aims to allow for greater access to university programs for a more diverse population – including working-class, low-income and first generation students. The plan also includes footing the bill for Colorado Pell Grant winners.

Penley says the plan is designed to challenge state institutions to increase their accountability to students.

“As the state works to encourage job growth and attract key industries, it must determine how to more effectively invest in the educational mechanisms essential to supporting those goals,” he said. “The economic future of Colorado depends on it.”

Penley says he plans to work closely with the governor as well as the community to put this idea into action.

“The Colorado Promise – the promise to our children and our grandchildren that we will leave them a better Colorado,” Ritter said of his plan on his Web site, “It’s the promise that Colorado reaches its fullest potential. It’s the promise of a brighter Colorado in the 21st century.”

See tomorrow’s Collegian for an in-depth report on Penley’s plan.

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