Jan 232007
Authors: Caley Buxton

What was that about common decency?

Ironically, on the day the Collegian chose to print an article about the lack of common decency, a completely tactless poll was included, inviting students to choose how many people they would murder if they were a pig farmer. Beyond the fact that the very idea of such a poll is clearly lacking in originality, the Collegian fails to note that the question is also highly inappropriate.

Did it ever occur to anyone on the staff that a relative of one of the victims of the pig farmer might attend CSU? Even if no one is directly related to one of the dead, such callous treatment of a tragedy is shameful, and if the Collegian desperately wants to include a poll in the paper, someone should take into account common decency and empathy and never again publish something that off-color.

Caley Buxton



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