Jan 232007
Authors: Brian Zimpfer

Is it too late for Christmas gifts? Because if not I would like to send Nick Hemenway a box of tissues. These are for him to sop up his tears as he cries about those big mean Democrats in Congress.

We won’t let the Republicans add riders to bills we promised we would pass. Never mind that under the last Congress this was standard practice by the then majority Republicans. This was a standard tactic along with others that included holding secret sessions of which Democrats were not informed of, forcing Democrats to hold meetings in the bowels of the Congressional halls, and even interrupting Democratic meetings, ordering them adjourned and cutting off the power to their microphones.

When the Republicans were in power it was all about how the Democrats were terrorizing the majority and the Republicans were subject to the tyranny of the minority. Now they want bipartisanship. You big, tough Republicans sure talk a big game, but when the weak, girly Democrats turn the tables you cry like a newborn baby. As Dick Cheney said to Senator Leahy. well you get the idea.

Brian Zimpfer


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