Jan 212007

Whether Barack Obama, Bill Richardson or Hillary Clinton actually wins is not an issue. But that they have enough backing to be considered for a major-party nomination is a giant step in the right direction for this country.

Since 1789, when George Washington became this nation’s first president, only white men who have led the nation. And never before has a woman, African-American or Hispanic been a major party’s nominee for the role of commander in chief.

It’s about time they get a chance.

While no candidate should be nominated solely for their gender or ethnicity, it seems that minorities were never given an equal chance to have their names on the ballot, until just recently.

Sure, minorities have run for the top spot before. But none of them really stood a chance in our two-party system.

Considering that about half of the country is female and a huge part of our population consists of minorities, we don’t really have a track record to be proud of.

While Washington, D.C., has always been a paradise for insiders and backdoor deals, 2008 could be the year where the doors to the so-called country club could be pushed open by a relative outsider (though we’re not sure if Hillary counts).

So we may have a “first” in the White House in 2008. Or we might not. Either way, at least it seems as if it’s not out of the question.

And that’s a first in itself.

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