Jan 212007

When is the Collegian finally going to hire a conservative viewpoint? A paper’s job is to be balanced even in the opinion section, yet whenever I read your paper all I hear is liberal blabber and slander, and a slew of reporting inaccuracies.

No one holds this supposed paper accountable for its poor journalism, because there is no one to balance the view. This paper is losing more and more respect every day it refuses to have a conservative viewpoint on staff.

Perhaps you are afraid that someone will bring sanity to your ranks and prevent you from making up facts, something I have seen happen on more than one occasion. If you want to run a paper and stand proud behind it, do something right and hire a more balanced view. Enough already.

Oh and by the way, why would you want someone like Paccione in Washington? We already have enough budget problems without someone who couldn’t even handle their own finances. Reckless if you ask me, and that is why Republicans will win in ’08.

Don Hackett


political science

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