Jan 212007
Authors: Doug Falconi

November 1965, Vietnam: The Ia Drang Valley Battle slammed into America’s headlines – 305 American soldiers dead in just a few days. And so the Vietnam War began. Every man that fought did so with the same determination and bravery as the men that died on the beaches of Normandy and on the island of Iwo Jima.

There was only one difference; these men did not have the same support from their country or their government. President Johnson ordered these men to Vietnam with minimal supplies and many units were short handed. In order to save money and to demonstrate to the American people that Vietnam would have minimal cost, many units were deprived of valuable medical supplies, medics, machine guns, and other equipment.

This lack of material would result in several dozen more American lives lost in the Ia Drang. Several dozen more mothers, wives, sons, and daughters would receive a telegram telling them that there father, son, or husband was gone.

This battle should be a lesson learned. Don’t shorthand our servicemen and women. Every piece of equipment needed should be supplied to them, no matter the cost. So I urge you, DO NOT support the Democrats’ determination to cut funding on the Iraq War.

The war will continue either way. Whether you support the war or not, do not deprive our soldiers the money and equipment they need to return home. I’m tired of going to funerals. I don’t want another friend killed because his unit did not have that extra machine gun or medic because we cut funding.

Doug Falconi


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