Jan 182007

But just like some die-hard fashion holdouts strut around town in pleather pants or Members Only jackets, some politicians have forgotten that the whole follow-the-party-line-blindly attitude is, like, so 2001.

We speak of one, in particular. Her coiffed Stepford Wife hair forms an impenetrable shell around her skull, which encases a host of musty slogans manufactured years ago by the Republican Party. A grotesque, vapid smile spans her pasty face – just how we’d imagine the Pillsbury Dough Boy’s aging, wealthy mother would look.

In case you haven’t guessed, we’re describing our Republican U.S. Representative Marilyn Musgrave: the congresswoman who eked through the 2006 election in this historically red farming district by barely more than 2 percent.

During her campaign, she bragged and touted her false support for education to anyone who would listen. But on Wednesday, she showed her true colors by voting against an ambitious plan to reduce the interest on student loans to needy college students.

The plan, when fully implemented, would save the average CSU student more than $4,000 over the life of his or her loan.

Despite her heart-warming talk about education and children and success, Musgrave’s actions show that she cares more about denying education to illegal immigrants than supporting less-than-wealthy Americans who want a chance at success.

Aside from pushing her unreasoned and uncompromising stance on immigration issues, former school board member Musgrave’s only achievement in the realm of higher education was expanding eligibility for a federal college scholarship to include home-schooled students.

Musgrave, who has been named among the most corrupt members of Congress by several independent, respected and non-partisan ethics organizations, has also made it a habit to decline comment to the media – a necessary avenue of communication to her constituents.

And so we in the 4th Congressional District have made a political fashion faux pas. By re-electing Musgrave, we have become “that guy” walking around with an unbuttoned shirt and gold chains dangling across his hairy chest.

Only it’s much less funny.

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