Jan 182007

Trevor Sides’ article titled “Out-of-control cow flatulence, trees fan global warming” is a factually incorrect and outright ridiculous article that I am embarrassed to say was published in my University’s newspaper. The article begins by blaming cow flatulence for global warming. Sides claims “…they are destroying our planet – one cow fart at a time”. Had Mr. Sides checked his facts he would have learned that cows actually can’t fart, they regurgitate the gases he mentioned up through their mouth, but apparently facts like this just don’t matter to the Collegian. Sides continues on to claim that The CSU College of Agriculture is directly to blame for global warming. Perhaps before opening his big mouth Mr. Sides should have taken a look at the U.S. economy.

Currently agricultural products (beef making up a huge portion of these) are

the only products that the U.S. exports more of than it imports. Thus agriculture is an important necessity to the economy.

Furthermore, Colorado State University was established as Colorado A&M, a Federal Land Grant Institution. The A in “A&M” stands for agriculture. The mere fact that the Collegian would allow such a blatant disregard to our history and our students to be published is repulsive. He ends his article with the statement “But for the environment’s sake, don’t eat beef…”.

Perhaps Mr. Sides should check his basic human nutrient needs. The many benefits we get from red meat cannot be replaced by any other meat or protein drink. If we all did as Mr. Sides wishes none of us would live healthy long lives to enjoy the earth that he claims we are destroying. Frankly Mr. Sides, you and your article are disgraces to Colorado State University.

Jennifer Berry


agricultural education major

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