Jan 182007

Trevor Sides needs to do more fact-checking. In his opinion piece on Thursday, January 18, he states that cattle are the number one source of methane emissions in the world. First off, cows as a rule are incapable of

farting and generally give off gas as a belch. Second, there have always been millions of large ruminant animals in the world that give off gas emissions. Are there really more ruminants now than there were thousands of years ago, or did cattle simply replace animals such as bison? If you remove

cattle, should you remove all other ruminants like deer, elk, giraffes, sheep, and buffalo? Since you want to remove greenhouse gas emitters, after you kill all the ruminants, then kill all the trees as they are the number-two methane emitter. Third, CSU is a land-grant institution which means that it exists to promote and educate people about agriculture. As part of this,

there are classes and programs devoted to controlling greenhouse gases and waste. Part of that is manure management. So next time, Mr. Sides, please take the time to check your facts.

Logan Hill


animal sciences

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