Jan 182007
Authors: Mike Donovan

When covering sports for a newspaper or any other type of media, journalists are confronted by the unenviable task of reporting all the negatives that happen over the course of the year.

This year seems like it has had an uncharacteristic number of negative incidents, culminating in the women’s basketball prank that took place last week. While I believe the Collegian’s coverage of those incidents was completely fair, I think that there are times when we forget about all the positives that come from the athletic department.

So this column will not be filled with doom and gloom, or rehash previous negatives, but will instead list some of the many things that are good about CSU athletics.

The man, myth and legend of Sonny Lubick: Not only a great coach, but also a man who actually cares about each and every one of his student-athletes.

The Fight Song: As much as students rip on some of the words, such as “stalwart” and “asunder,” they should be happy knowing that CSU has a unique fight song that no other school can match.

The hustle of Xavier Kilby: This reserve basketball player plays like every minute is his last.

The passion of Sara Hunter and Molly Nohr: No one can blame Hunter and Nohr for the women’s basketball team’s down season, but fans should thank the pair for giving 110 percent every second they are on the floor.

The longevity of John Mattos: The swimming and diving coach has been the head coach at CSU since 1981 and has led the Rams to six conference titles, despite little fanfare.

The dance moves of Chase Weber: Before each Rams home football game, this cornerback, who obviously still enjoys the game of football, can be seen dancing around to the pre-game music.

The mentality of Paul Kowalczyk: It is obvious that the new athlete director cares about nothing more than making CSU a national name and that is something all Ram fans can get behind.

The draft status of Jason Smith: Nothing is more exciting than checking the draft prospects of one of your fellow classmates.

The smiling faces of Brice and Brock Warden: The young sons of women’s basketball coach Jen Warden can be spotted at numerous CSU sporting events constantly running up and down the stairs with pure happiness on their faces.

The chance of seeing a random athletic celebrity: Carmelo Anthony, George Karl and Bradlee Van Pelt have all been spotted at CSU athletic events over the last few years.

The domination by CSU’s club sport teams: All CSU club sports do is win and it doesn’t get any better than that.

The realization that CSU beat CU this season in football and men’s basketball: CSU athletic teams could go winless for the semester and it still wouldn’t numb the good feeling of beating the Buffs in those two marquee sports.

Sometimes people, including myself, get too caught up in all the negatives and forget to realize all the positives of CSU athletics. For every negative story you hear, just think about the smiling faces of the Warden boys or the hustle of Xavier Kilby and remember there are good things happening at CSU.

Sports editor Mike Donovan can be reached at sports@collegian.com. The opinions expressed in this column reflect the views of the individual author and not necessarily those of the Collegian.

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