Jan 182007
Authors: Brandon Lowrey

Police arrested a fifth suspect Thursday in a series of electronics thefts in Rockwell Hall and the Clark Building and released new details about a CSU student employee’s alleged involvement in the crimes.

Joseph Martinez, 19, of Fort Collins was the latest arrest in the case, and CSU Police Department detectives said they expect more to come in the next few weeks.

“During the following weeks, several arrests will be made for indirect involvement in these crimes,” said CSUPD Detective Adam Smith, “including possession of stolen property and conspiracy to commit burglary.”

Timothy Feil, a senior finance major whose job at CSU gave him access to the campus’ master keys, was arrested earlier this week on suspicion of opening doors for thieves.

“Most of the hardware and peripherals were in locked buildings, behind locked doors,” Smith said. “He was essentially bribed into allowing the use of the keys by the people who committed the burglaries.”

When contacted by the Collegian on Thursday, Feil said he would not comment without a lawyer present.

The case broke open on Monday after tracking software in the stolen laptops led authorities to Feil and Fort Collins residents Gabriel Armstrong and Mathew Vonderhaar, who were arrested and have since posted bail. Police did not release the names of other suspects, citing an ongoing investigation.

This week, police recovered an estimated 90 percent of the equipment stolen in the past two months, estimated at $40,000. Some items had been missing since 2005.

The recovered equipment includes several desktop and laptop computers and monitors, projectors, speakers and computer parts. Police expect to recover a large plasma television in the next few days.

Smith credited the diligence of Rockwell Hall’s staff and the building’s security measures in helping crack the case. But it’s far from over.

Smith said: “As leads are developed and property is recovered, we will have a better idea of how many arrests will be made.”

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