Jan 172007

Last November, Democratic candidate Angie Paccione gave Republican incumbent Marilyn Musgrave a run for her money. Musgrave won by a slim margin, nabbing 46 percent of the vote, while Paccione and Colorado Reform party candidate Eric Eidsness won 43 and 11 percent, respectively.

For Republicans, who have held the 4th congressional seat since 1972, Paccione came a bit too close for comfort.

But with the Democrats taking over both the House and Senate, and with the Democratic Nation Convention coming to Denver in 2008, a blue shift seems imminent. Considering Musgrave’s track record as a conservative voice box on issues like rights for same-sex couples, abortion and illegal immigration, there seems to be no place for her, or her kind, in 2008.

Let’s hope not, anyway.

The 2006 election season put Paccione in striking distance of this Republican district. Given the proper support from her party to complement the growing trend of dissatisfaction with the Bush administration, a Democrat stands a good chance of taking the seat. And Paccione seems to be the best candidate.

But let’s not forget about Eidness, the third-party candidate who stirred up the district with his blunt, forward manner and admission of smoking pot, stealing a virtually unprecedented 11 percent of the vote from both of the traditional parties.

It’s not 1972 anymore. If not Paccione or Eidsness – anyone but Musgrave.

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