Jan 162007

The four women basketball players who were suspended indefinitely from the basketball team for allegedly blowing up a chemical bomb at a teammate’s apartment received their summonses Tuesday.

Kelly Jo Mullaney, Raysha Ritter, Emily Neal and Brittney Stirling are scheduled to appear in Larimer County Court at 8:30 a.m. on Feb. 21. Each player faces one count of reckless endangerment, a Class 3 misdemeanor. If convicted of a Class 3 misdemeanor, the players would face a minimum penalty of a $50 fine and a maximum penalty of six months imprisonment and a $1,750 fine.

Rams Head Coach Jen Warden and her team practiced Tuesday under closed doors for the first time in Warden’s season-and-a-half tenure at CSU. Warden wants the team to focus on basketball and not the outside distractions.

“We closed it today and for tomorrow. There is nothing more I want to do right now than coach this team,” Warden said after practice Tuesday. “When the doors are closed, there is nothing else to worry about besides basketball.”

As far as the rest of the season is concerned, Warden still believes the team may be able to overcome the fact that just eight players are currently active on the team.

“If I didn’t expect to win these games, I would call and cancel. I don’t know any other way to prepare my team,” Warden said. “If I didn’t expect us to win, I would call the other coach and tell him to go ahead and give his kids the day off.”

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