Jan 152007

Don’t support the war? Don’t enlist

I have to object to the evidence that both Representative Charles Rangel and the Collegian have used to develop their support of reinstating a military draft. About 60 percent of enlisted men and women within the armed forces come from middle class families and have the opportunity to attend college and attain any needed financial aid.

Second, the screening process any potential enlistee undergoes is long and difficult. Unfortunately, the men and women who make up the most under-privileged rung of society commonly have had scrapings with the law, documented instances of drug abuse, a poor general health (perhaps because of a lack of adequate healthcare), and usually struggle to graduate high school. All of these criteria can quickly disqualify a person who desires to serve his or her country in the military. I’m personally perplexed that it’s so popular to believe that the Army is so desperate for enlistees that it is taking in a record level of incompetents. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Lastly, the military is much more efficient when all of its soldiers are there because they have chosen to be there. I would argue that our current military is the most democratic military system that we could possibly have: If you support the war, why not offer your services? If you don’t support the war, don’t enlist. Does the Collegian honestly support a rampant violation of the freedom of so many young men and women just so there can be a livelier political debate? Such a notion disturbs me to an extreme degree.

Eric Olsen

2nd bachelor’s candidate

political science

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