Ram Talk

Dec 102006

To who ever stole the candy canes from my front lawn: That’s pretty low because they are only three dollars at Wal-Mart! I hope you get coal for Christmas!

I went to the CU/CSU basketball game in Boulder pretending to be a student and even with a CU ID I still had to pay five dollars. Being a student there must be terrible. We won, go Ramtron.

Does anybody really trust a barbershop that also sells hats?

Does anyone else think that a crossing guard to manage the heavy flow of pedestrian traffic on Plum and Meridian would be a wise investment for the campus? Think about all of the road rage (and freshman lives) that would be spared.

Before Magellan, did they have Thousand Island Dressing? Or was it just like 400ish Island Dressing? Someday, we might have 2000 Island Dressing. I bet that would make a really good Reuben.

I love how everything in the bathrooms is automatic… the toilet, the faucet, the soap dispenser, the paper towel machine. All I need now is something to wipe my butt and zip up my pants.

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