CSU grads go far

Dec 102006
Authors: Margaret Canty

Looking back, high school graduation seems like a cakewalk. The excited young grad proudly dons the cap and gown, while the parents snap pictures and relatives send checks. Then the entire class spends the rest of the summer getting wasted together and preparing to do the same in a dorm room in the near future.

Not exactly high stress.

However, despite being only a sophomore, I can already tell that college graduation is a whole new ball game. Rather than preparing for summer-camp like dorm life, the student is instead searching for a career, a home, a life and perhaps someone to spend it with. Relatives aren’t even sending checks, because it’s time you start writing your own.

Kind of scary, huh?

I know I am young and still have a ton to learn before it’s my time to walk, but there are a few things I have been able to pick up in my short time at CSU.

For starters, CSU grads have opportunities. Coming from a great school like ours looks good to any employer. Having that degree, regardless of what it’s in, is having your foot in the door to a successful future. It’s like your ticket to the world, so use it.

Another thing I’ve picked up on is the great things previous graduates have done so far. With one look at the prestigious Alumni Association’s Web page, it becomes clear that thousands before you have taken their education and used it to change the world for the better, leaving their own and CSU’s footprint in history for years to come. I have no doubt our generation is capable of doing the same.

Don’t waste this gift of knowledge. With only a small percent of the world even given the opportunity of a college education, it truly is a precious commodity. So don’t fall into the trap of sticking with those brainless food service jobs that bought your Cup O Noodles and kegs for the past four years. Go out and use what you have gained. Pursue your dreams because no one else will do it for you.

But while out living the dream, don’t forget about the place that made it happen. Giving back to the university is one of the best ways to ensure its continued survival and the future of its students. Being an active alumnus is the best gift one can give.

Being around my uncle gave me insight into a CSU graduate’s life. Although living with his family in California, he never forgets the place that helped make him successful. Whenever he gets back to Colorado, he includes a visit to Fort Collins, where he pays his respects to the school and catches up with old friends while enjoying a local brew. It’s easy to see the time he spent here is time treasured, and I can only hope yours was the same.

I chose to go to school here because I didn’t like Boulder. Now I choose to go to school here because I love it, and one day I hope I’ll join you out in the real world. Until then, good luck and don’t forget to tip us waitresses while you’re at the top.

Staff writer Margaret Canty can be reached at features@collegian.com. The opinions expressed in this article reflect the views of the individual author and not necessarily those of the Collegian.

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