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Dec 072006

The Founding Fathers

Many people conveniently endorse their secular humanist ideologies by claiming it as the will of mythical figures known as the “Founding Fathers”, as if these men themselves spoke with one voice and with the desired message. Nevertheless, I think it is important to point out that the Founding Fathers did have in common one characteristic: They were all traitors to the legitimateauthority residing with the King of Great Britain and Ireland.

Those pernicious, petulant, radical, revolutionary leaders of an insurgent uprising would rightfully today be called terrorists. Not a single word these men authored either individually or collectively, like the Declaration of Independence or the US Constitution, deserves any serious consideration. Indeed, many reasonable colonists opposed the colonial insurgency at the time. In fact, I dare say that a larger portion of the early American population supported a continued colonial relationship to Britain than the portion of Iraq’s population that today

desires the maintenance of American garrisons on its soil, and who are

currently cited by the US to justify continued occupation of Iraq.

Its time we realized that the US Constitution is a flawed and

unworkable document, and restore the United States to their proper

position as a part of the United Kingdom, under Her Majesty Queen

Elizabeth II, and under one God.

James Ian Easton

2nd Bachelor

Civil Engineering

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To the Editor:

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Dec 072006
Authors: Whitney Faulconer

The Holy Days

In response to Luci Storelli-Castro’s Editorial on Thursday, “Happy Holidays vs. Merry Christmas”. I would like to voice my agreement on pretty much every point she made. Overall, the argument is pointless. First and foremost, any child growing up

in a religiously unaffiliated house (like I did) probably knows and celebrates Christmas in the way that any “sensible” American does. We get presents, and we have to listen to the same twelve songs on Mom’s Country Christmas tape while we decorate a tree for reasons we don’ t really understand. But we get presents. For those like me, Christmas is no more religious than the Fourth of July. But on Christmas, yeah you guessed it, we get presents.

More importantly, I would like to talk about this being an argument over semantics. As the column mentioned, when broken down, holiday really means “holy day”. No matter my own religious beliefs, I can’t help but wonder why the Atheists haven’t joined the legal battle yet. If you remember a few years ago, there was a court ruling about the Pledge of Allegiance that stated “the line under god? is the same as saying ?under Allah? or ?under no god?” and was thus unconstitutional. But really, isn’t saying happy holidays just a bogus attempt at some sort of middle ground for everyone? If you think about it, the Atheists just kind of get screwed in this whole deal. An Atheist probably isn’t celebrating much of anything this December, certainly nothing that could be considered “holy”.

It is my opinion that people generally don’t care. I know this because of the Pledge of Allegiance. No matter what the ruling says, the line “under god” is still said.

Dillon McDonald



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